(Cooperative Information Network)

National Space Research and Development Agency

What we do

Digital Image Processing

We utilize a variety of computer-based techniques to process remotely sensed images and extract valuable information from them.

Map Production

To create maps, we gather, evaluate, and integrate geographic data from various sources to generate a visual depiction of the earth's surface or a particular region of focus. We produce maps for diverse applications including navigation, land-use planning, resource management, and scientific analysis.

GNSS Survey

We conduct GNSS survey for your field data collection.

Procurement of Satellite Imageries

We help identify and select the appropriate satellite and imagery type, as well as negotiate the terms and conditions of the imagery with the satellite operator or distributor, and finally acquiring the imagery data for your use The satellite imagery can be used for a variety of purposes, such as mapping, environmental monitoring, disaster management, agriculture, and urban planning..

Environmental Project Implementation

We carry out activities and actions necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of an environmental project. We deploy resources, such as funding, equipment/personnel, to execute the planned activities and tasks aimed at mitigating the impact of human activities on the environment (habitat restoration, pollution control measures, renewable energy deployment, sustainable land use management, and many others).

Training in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

We deliver custom training in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System. Courses includes introduction to Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System and Applied Training in relevant fields such as urban and land management, environmental and disaster management, geology and mining, air quality, 3D Modelling, water resources etc.

Digital Cartography Services

We prepare digital copy of features which are used to produce webmaps and applications using leafletjs, OpenLayers, Mapbox etc.


Large format Scanning and Printing (A0 Scanning, A0 Printing)