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National Space Research and Development Agency

Staff Profile

  • Mr. Sedenu Hafeez Ahmed
  • ICT and Software Development
  • PGD Electrical Electronics Engineering

Short Bio

I am Hafeez Sedenu, i hail from Ibienafe South Ibie via Auchi, Edo State. A registered Electrical Engineer and Data Scientist. I have prevuosly worked with Power Holdings Nigeria Limited Company Limited (PHNCN), now Benin Distribution Company (BEDC)as the maintenace engineer. A principal Technical Officer and Researcher. I have worked several office projects as well as personal projects.

Current Research

1. Carbon dioxide concentration andits implementation on human health 2. Impact assessment of flooding on crop land using google earth and synthetic Aperture radar. A case study of september 2022 flooding in Nasarawa state. 3. Comparison analysis of rain attenuation models in ku and ka bands


  • 1. Spatial Analysis of the distribution pattern of primary healthcare facilities in Ile- Ife metropolis using Gis. 2.Effects of rain on satellite transmission network in Nigeria with Warri, Benin, Abuja and kano as the case study. 3. Suitability analysis of resettlement sites for flood disaster victims inLokoja and environs 4. A geospatial approach to evaluation of accessibility to government primary schools in Ilorin west local government area, Kwara State Nigeria.