(Cooperative Information Network)

National Space Research and Development Agency

Staff Profile

  • Dr. Popoola Oladimeji Samuel
  • ICT and Software Development 2
  • P.hD. - Ecology and Environmental Science

Short Bio

Oladimeji holds the position of senior scientific officer at the cooperative information network and possesses more than a decade of expertise in conducting research using geospatial technology and remote sensing data. His area of specialization lies in environmental management, particularly using remotely sensed data derived from unmanned aerial systems. Furthermore, he has proficiency in programming languages such as Python and PHP, as well as experience in web development. Oladimeji finds great interest in discovering novel places and collaborating with colleagues to generate innovative concepts.

Current Research

Currently, he is working on scientific methods, which could be used to take inventory of tree stands in a plantation or orchards using dsm slopes derived from UAV acquired datasets.


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